Menu options

  • Scampi with cauliflower puree & dill mayonnaise
  • Braised pork neck, glazed celery root purée, cream sauce and oven-baked amadine potatoes
  • Panna cotta with coulis of fresh berries

  • Creamy cauliflower soup with truffle oil
  • Vestfold chicken with Jerusalem artichoke purée, root vegetables and cream sauce
  • Homemade caramel pudding with freshly whipped cream

  • Cured ham with fresh melon
  • Striploin of veal with creamy savoy cabbage, red wine sauce and cranberries
  • The hotel’s ice-cream cup with chocolate sauce

Party setting in a separate room with white tablecloths, cloth napkins and candlesticks included in the price.
All attendees must choose the same menu.
The organisers are free to arrange flowers.

Possibility to set up a cake buffet (incl. coffee) for your own cakes. The cakes must be delivered already decorated.
Note: The hotel declines all responsibility for any brought cake dishes, no compensation will be paid in case of damage.

It is possible to freely choose from all menus for starters and desserts.